A Different Approach To Avoiding Over-Eating, Over-Spending, Over-Indulging and Over-Extending During the Holidays!

Here we are on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. of A. The “official” start of the Winter Holiday Season…Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, and Winter Solstice. Thanksgiving is ostensibly about being thankful, of course, for one’s bounty…a roof over one’s head, family or friends, Cornucopia_of_fruit_and_vegetables_wedding_banquet-1024x770health, music, art, nature, life in all the many forms that feed you.

Yet, it does wind up being for many–perhaps the majority of people–about overindulging in food, being the main food focused holiday of the year. And so it begins…a period of four to five weeks where the collective energy, at least in many developed Western countries, is about consuming in every form…buying gifts, eating holiday foods…and also about HolidayStress-SSoverextending, doing too much, being too busy, getting run down and stressed in a time that should be more about self-nourishment.

My take on all of this is different from the usual advice you will see such as: make a budget, make a food plan, exercise more, commit your plan to someone else, rest more, and so on. These are all excellent ideas!!

However, I have been struck for decades by something I’ve never noticed anyone else talk about. Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT an astrologer; I am a psychic. Astrologers are far more scientific than I am, using calendars, mathematics, and other specifically detailed information. I only have a smattering of knowledge about astrology. My psychic information comes “from the ethers,” so to speak.

Nonetheless, I have noticed that Thanksgiving Day is always during Sagittarius; in fact, the very earliest Thanksgiving ever comes is November 22–the first day of Sagittarius! Since it is always on the third Thursday, the date of course varies, but Sagittarius rules the skies right through Winter Solstice, so the main period of buying gifts, pre-holiday office parties & other food saturated events, and feeling the overall building of holiday pressure, is during this time.

Sagittarius is a sign of expansion, ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. sagittariusSagittarius energy, which has some wonderful, bountiful, and optimistic energies, also includes the qualities of extravagance and impatience—not so useful when feeling holiday pressures of social and consumer demands.

While some people can really hold their own in regards to the collective affecting them, others are more sensitive to it. This influence, along with the obvious family and/or general expectations, can really put a dent into the best-laid plans!images-5

My advice then, is to actively court the aspects of Sagittarian/Jupiter energy that you want right now. You are more than likely to “expand” in some ways during this phase, so choose where you prefer to have that occur. Rather than trying to avoid it all, roll with it, use it. Sagittarius IS great for socializing…just know when to pull in and pull back. That expansive, bright, optimistic energy can be utilized to greatly enhance your own inner connection with your Source at this time, and in potentially amazing ways, so divide it up between being social and going within. It’s a fantastic time to be crafty or small-gift-bag-and-tag-how-to-make-neededcreative–making your own gifts & cards, or creative playtime just for you, is a wonderful use of the jubilant, buoyant energy of Sag. Because it is also a highly generous energy, this is a great time for helping those in need. And instead of letting the potential impatience of Sag get the best of you (tempers with family events, impulsively buying or eating too much, frustration in traffic), let that sizzly energy go into exercise or lively fun and games (a great time for Charades at holiday parties!). Alternately, slow your pace down consciously and feel into that fiery potential…using your energy in helping a friend with a big project, doing some breath work, singing at the top of your lungs.

Try to notice and be aware of how this energy is playing into your next four to five weeks—that alone will help. In spite of the hullabaloo out there on the consumer level, the energy itself actually calms down by December 21. Pay attention to the quiet that comes with that, no matter your busyness level just before Christmas or in the midst of other celebrations such as Chanukah. Meanwhile, I wish you lots of JOY (a big Sagittarius trait), laughter, gratefulness, spiritual expansion, generosity, creativity, and love—all things this time is astrologically suited for you to feel in big ways!201110-orig-joy-600x411



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  1. I like this advice–channeling energy rather than fighting it! Good advice from my favorite psychic.

  2. Hmm…never connected Holiday time to Sag! Interesting to ponder…

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