The Wider View


Here is a series of articles I wrote for a magazine a few years ago. These monthly columns, entitled The Wider View, will give you a good feel for how I work, my world view, and if you would like to do some sessions with me. But they also serve as a nice introduction to psychic work if you are new to it. If you have done work with practitioners before who work psychically, these articles may give you more ideas about how a psychic reader or healer can help you, or spark ideas for your own healing process.

You may read them all, or look at the summaries and then click on the ones that interest you.

October 2001: The Value of Psychic Sessions. An introduction to what they are and how they work. What to expect. When to consider sessions. How can it work long-distance? Is an intuitive a psychic? Will they see things about me I don’t want them to know? How your own inner growth relates to the world you inhabit.

November 2001: Psychic Sessions and Physical Healing. What does healing really mean? How might sessions with a psychic be helpful? When to consider it. Does it replace medical treatment? How to use it as an adjunct. What types of issues and prescriptions a psychic might access.

December 2001: Personal Growth and Psychic Sessions. How it differs from therapy. Using in conjunction with therapy. Using as a “stand-alone” counseling. Childhood and current patterns. Do past lives exist or play a part? Psychological health and relationships, lifestyle work. The role of biology in mental health. Spirituality and emotional healing.

January 2002: Inner Silence and Psychic Sessions. What is inner silence? Reaching the state beyond “working on your issues.” The need for silence to maintain balance. Stress versus silence. The role of insight and illumination. Victimhood or self-knowledge in times of crisis. How sessions can help to access the great unlimited power and healing of your own inner silence.

February 2002: What’s Love Got to Do With It? Love and spiritual, emotional, and personal growth. Why is love so great…and SO painful? Fears of abandonment. Love and eros. Is sex love, or is love sex? Love with a partner. Self-love. Love as a choice made out of joy rather than need.

March 2002: Self-Empowerment Through Psychic Sessions. Things you can do on you own. Cleansing as a first step. Ideas for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual detoxification. The role of meditation, movement, and laughter. How a psychic helps you to fine tune the ways you can help yourself, thus giving you more mileage on your own path.

May 2002: What in the World is Going On?! Why do things appear to be falling apart in our world? Personal stresses or crises with self or loved ones. Pollution, environmental crises, economic woes, oppression. The relationship between personal and planetary crises. The value of dissolution of the old ways. Why crisis is an opportunity. How your soul gets your attention to bring to you what you most deeply desire. The role of a compassionate and clear psychic guide during these critical times.

June 2002: Resources for Further Growth: A Few of My Favorite Books & Tapes for Personal Evolution. The title says it all!