Challenging Our Long-held Beliefs: When the “Unbelievable” Turns Out To Be True

Although no one in your family has ever been interested in baseball, your son is born obsessed with it…to where the only clothes he will wear are baseball outfits…has tantrums if not pitched to for hours every day…and then, before age two, begins to talk in great detail about his life “when I was a tall person” — compounded with historically accurate details no one in his family knew– about a VERY famous baseball player from the early 20th century (whose name you would know absolutely).

Without giving away the




and really nearly unbelievable true
(and inspiring!!) story of coincidences, happenings, and astonishing twists and turns, I hope to interest you in this groundbreaking book because I believe this book will change lives! (I promise to keep spoilers to a minimum, just as in the reviews I read that got me interested in this book to begin with).

To begin, three words: Baseball. Past Lives.

Baseball, for me, was not the draw. But this book most certainly will appeal to those who are fans—it is full of riveting experiences, and captivating little known history, relating to that subject.

On the other hand, I have more than an interest in past lives—as I help many clients gain clarification on current life struggles by accessing information from other incarnations , or helping them to access relevant ones for themselves. But what is astounding besides this true story itself, is that is told by a Christian woman. Author—and mother of the baseball obsessed young boy–Cathy Byrd, not only had no belief in reincarnation at all, but was terrified of the whole concept. In addition, her Christian friends and minister implied that anything to do with past lives was something basically “of the devil,” and told her she had better let it go. Her husband, likewise, had zero interest and was not supportive of her delving into this more. He too, admonished her: let it go.

But she could not let it go.

Her devotion to her 2 year old son and the “odd” things that began coming out of his mouth, led her on a brave and loving journey that changed her forever, and opened her up to many things that would have been impossible if not for her son’s soul leading the way. His skills even by that tender young age led to not only a role in an Adam Sandler film by age 3, but to this as well at age 4:

Ms. Byrd, never a writer until this all occurred, has the most fluid, arresting way of conveying the story. Her honestly–including with her own doubts and considerable fears, the process she and the family go through, and her insistent need to get to the bottom of this–is page-turning. For example, imagine her relief and surprise, as she digs into research to find out that Jesus himself speaks of John the Baptist as the return of Elias (Matthew 11:14 and 17:11, Mark 9:11-13).), and that the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. omitted any reference to reincarnation in the “new” Christianity, whereas it had been accepted as valid in the original Christianity (more compelling history here and here).

Also, she keeps on plugging through to find the most reputable sources with impeccable credentials to help her on this journey. From professors to ministers to historians, psychologists and physicians, the cast of beautiful characters she meets is incredible!

Perhaps most impressive of all, is how the author allowed the impossible to become possible; for her beliefs to be challenged even as she was quaking in her boots about it. Her careful and self-reflective way of undergoing change has many lessons for us all.

A true sign of spiritual maturity is the ability let go of one’s identities and beliefs that no longer serve.

What most cherished beliefs or even identities have you had to give up in the face of evidence to the contrary? I’d love to get your comments below on this!

I do hope that her bravery in writing this story and exposing her family to the world in this manner accomplishes the task of opening people’s minds and hearts. She comes across as one very loving individual, devoted to family, the truth, and her own spiritual journey. I want non-believers to read this book! I hope that you will read it and then give it to someone who does not believe in “all that woo woo stuff.”

And I do hope there will be a Hollywood movie to come.

ADDENDUM: In fact, just found out, there IS a Hollywood movie of this soon to come!!

Remember to share your comments below, about what in your life you’ve had to be brave enough to question, reconsider, and change! (Oh, and you can buy the book, here!).

The Eclipse is Sooner Than You Think! (And Why I Didn’t Buy Eclipse Glasses)

I know, I know…especially if you reside in the good ol’ U. S. of A., you are being treated to an increasing barrage of coverage about the pending solar eclipse on August 21 of this year, which will span the complete continental United States…a rare occurrence.

However TODAY, August 7th, is the flip side/bookend to that solar today is the lunar eclipse. Since it’s not visible and flashy, and it does not have the momentous same type of impact on more obvious levels, there has been less emphasis by far, about this.

But don’t be fooled. Especially if you are sensitive or psychically attuned, you are already feeling these energies. They impact your emotional body, your inner landscape, your “yin” intuitive, receptive nature and your innermost motives. It’s a good time to reflect, pull in, or at least stay more aware than usual in your daily activities. Be kind to yourself–and to others–as you or they may be more sensitive, emotional, or jittery.

In addition to today’s more subtle influences, the next two weeks from today’s lunar eclipse–leading up to the solar eclipse–are a fertile time to clean out what does not work in your life, and to get more inwardly focused on your higher spiritual self. It’s also a perfect time, if you feel the need, to get good guidance from helpers if you need it. I’m not meaning to toot my own horn here…(check my blogs…I don’t usually promote in a blatant fashion!), but it truly is an ideal time for it. And of course you certainly may have someone else you feel confident in consulting…a trusted healer, psychic, therapist, or other helper. Get thee to their door/phone/skype appointment if you feel the need.

You can search online for more information about this period of time. I am NOT an astrologer, so I leave more detail about this to those in the know. I’m only going by my inner sense as a psychic. There is some good information out there, and some other rather fear-provoking or ungrounding information. Use your discernment. I firmly believe that which whips up fear is generally not as useful or accurate as more balanced advice. I really like this guy’s grounded, elegant insights about it.

NOW…as for those eclipse glasses. The ancient seers knew that an eclipse is a time to stay inside, meditate, and to not be exposed to these types of energies, which are considered “darker.” This is of course up to you…you may feel left out if you don’t “see” the eclipse happenings in real time. I for one am not going to subject myself to that, but rather focus upon the inner. Here is more information on this subject. It is a wonderful article–worth reading in full– but the 10th paragraph in particular, refers to that which I referenced. And the 11th paragraph outlines the wonderful opportunities for inner growth by meditating during these times.

Do follow your own inner guidance about this subject…but of COURSE if you do decide you need to “look,” absolutely wear some NASA approved glasses!

Okay kids, that is all for now. I haven’t blogged in a reaaalllly long time because I want these blogs to be great and interesting and helpful (plus I have been going through my own not-so-easy-to-deal-with-stuff)…so instead I am going for imperfection and just doing it finally. Thus this is short, sweet, and perhaps not my most eloquent of blogs. But I merely hope it helps some of you! Would love to see your thoughts below, and of course feel free to share this if you find it useful.

Meanwhile, don’t throw any shade…



One Thing That Gets Me Through. How About You?

Creativity…that is one great gift which gets me through this life, my own and the creativity of others. To me, it’s a great human expression of Spirit! As you may know, poetry is one area where I find such sustenance.

I was recently published in a journal with the poem below. Though not my first published poem, the publication party last week was the first time I read any of my poems to a sizable crowd. I was nervous!! Until I began to read. Then the poem took over for me. Funny how that happens, no? Friends who could not attend wanted me to share the poem. I preferred to do it as a blog in order to share it readily on social media, and to add some photos. My WordPress template made it hard to format it just as it should look, but nonetheless…here it is.



The Beauty You LeftMichelle

for my sister


As usual

you were ahead of your time

Now it’s almost fashionable

to die of cancer.


Bowl Michelle MadeThough it’s been nearly a decade

I still savor the sight of the heavy thick bowl

you made with your kids at the pottery studio

squiggles painted on bone glaze


And the milky glass vase,Vase From Michelle

another gift from you

now holding long sturdy stems sprouting

dried baby roses the size of pennies


My enameled purple earrings

replacing the original pair you bought me

which had been lost when that burglar

Earrings from Michellebroke in, stealing only my earrings


I wore them at that pricey café, where you insisted

on treating me, for getting your son to his appointment;

you’d been too nauseous from the chemotherapy.

Our final dinner out, we didn’t know your last relapse was near


The small green porcelain bull

red surfboard on it’s backMichelle's Cow

tiny yellow lei around the neck

replica of a Chicago cow sculpture


you collected them like baseball cards

this one a duplicate

that your husband gave me

after you passed


book gift-1The book about health I no longer have

you bought for me in a fit of extra

sweetness, perhaps mixed with pity

for my own lifelong maladies


You were so different from me, full of vigor

entertaining scores of friends

cooking for them and

dancing, always dancing


It’s the Scorpio mug you brought me from Israel though

with all my astrological traits in a language

I can’t even read

that made me think of you today


Most mornings I use it for turmeric tea, its nutrients

meant to bring lighted health to own my cells.

Imbibing, I relish the beauty you left

After, I scrub it to vanquish yellow stains



© Elizabeth Good


Your New Year’s (R)evolutions (A Cheat Sheet!)

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. ~Author Unknown

I was talking to my pal David this week about how common still, even though everyone “knows better,” are those onerous New Year’s Resolutions. He remarked that he calls them “Resignations,” owing to the fact of the dreariness, demandingness, and overall killjoy affect that seeps in after the first few days or weeks of fire and steam dying down. How quickly those stern, self abnegating “I’m gonna do better this year” intentions lose their luster.

I told him I have long preferred the idea of New Year’s Revolutions (or perhaps evolutions) to Resolutions.

Thus, I hereby humbly offer my ideas for yours. Feel free to carry this in your wallet, post on your mirror/bulletin board/refrigerator, and/or cut/paste/ white out parts/add your own variations. And please share freely if you find it helpful!

*I promise to try not to make myself do better. I’m fine exactly as I am. At the same time, I hope and intend fervently to evolve who I really am, my sense of purpose, and those true passions which allow me to live, give and love more selflessly, freely and vitally.

*I promise to embarrass myself, do something I wish I hadn’t, have at least one regret, and/or have to apologize to someone. Since I’m a human, this is 100% part of my job description.

* I promise to do my best to not blame myself for my circumstances. Yes, I can take responsibility for what is really my fault, or where I have caused harm. But my inability to achieve, perfect health, body shape, income level, relationships, family life, ideal career, or make world peace is not necessarily in my control. I forgive myself for whatever shape my life (and my world) has taken at this point.

* I promise to try just a little bit less to make everything right (this one is for you overachiever/perfectionist/Light Worker types out there who feel over-responsible. If you are a slacker, ignore this one, ha!).

* I promise to break at least one, if not more, of all of these and any other promises. After all, I’m only human, and the whole point of my journey might possibly be self-forgiveness. Therefore, I need to fuck up (sometimes royally) so I can forgive myself.

* I give myself permission to know myself better, and love myself anyway.


Please share yours below, too. And may you have a happy and serene year ahead!

The Most Amazing, Coolest and Maybe Weirdest News Item (& holiday story) That You Never Heard

You have to trust me on this one.

Though I’m a psychic, I’m  grounded, not woo-woo and I don’t make things up. But you will not likely find this elsewhere verified on the internet nor know anyone else that heard this on the news.

So you will just have to suspend any skepticism, as it is simply not warranted here!

Some years ago (maybe 8? 9? 12?), I was listening to the radio, when came on one of those hourly news breaks from CBS–as mainstream of a news outlet as one can get.

It was right near Christmas time. In the middle of their 5 minutes about this-and-that in the news, I was flabbergasted to hear a report from one of the crew at the International Space Station in Antarctica, Nancy Berson. Mind you, this is a government worker in a highly scientific profession. She said, “We had a visit by Extra Celestials. They are beautiful Beings of Blue Light, so full of Love, that visit the planet this time of year, and bring us such upliftment.”  I may have fallen off my chair in amazement!

I wrote it all down, what I had heard, but did not figure out just what to “do” with it. Several years later I looked it up on the internet and found the reference to it. A few months later that reference had been taken down when I checked again! Hmm…

I know it may seem like New Age un-believable-ism.

But it’100% TRUE, and I would sure LOVE to find that story again, or others who heard it on the news. If you are a genuis at finding unfindable information, or know of anyone that heard this report as well,  and can verify this, do let me know.

Meanwhile … if you think the greatest media deceptions, omissions, and conspiracies are of an overtly political nature, think again. There are forces out there that are extremely threatened by the unseen forces of Love and Grace.

But YOU…you can let your True Being of Love and Grace shine no matter what!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! May all of our Lights and our Love shine bright in 2016.