Celebrating Independent Bookstores!

During Independent Bookstore Week in November of 2012, I was honored to be chosen to read a piece along with Ann Packer, New York Times bestselling author of The Dive From Clausen’s Pier, and others at my favorite bookstore: the amazing Capitola Book Cafe. Here is my 5 minute tribute, which actually contains some pretty entertaining stories, if I do say so myself. Ann Packer even told me she loved my piece!

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  1. Susan Drake says:

    Hooray for Elizabeth Good who describes with such heart how much many of us love BookCafe. And how true: “My favorite is always the one I just heard read there.” And, yes, I would NEVER buy from amazon and you should hear me shriek at people who do. I try to modify my approach and educate, but sometimes I shriek first.

  2. Thank you so much Susan for the kind kudos and the appreciation. The other speakers were great as well and you can watch the whole hour on the Capitola Book Cafe site should you want to bask in more Capitola Book Cafe love. Thank you again!

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