Challenging Our Long-held Beliefs: When the “Unbelievable” Turns Out To Be True

Although no one in your family has ever been interested in baseball, your son is born obsessed with it…to where the only clothes he will wear are baseball outfits…has tantrums if not pitched to for hours every day…and then, before age two, begins to talk in great detail about his life “when I was a tall person” — compounded with historically accurate details no one in his family knew– about a VERY famous baseball player from the early 20th century (whose name you would know absolutely).

Without giving away the




and really nearly unbelievable true
(and inspiring!!) story of coincidences, happenings, and astonishing twists and turns, I hope to interest you in this groundbreaking book because I believe this book will change lives! (I promise to keep spoilers to a minimum, just as in the reviews I read that got me interested in this book to begin with).

To begin, three words: Baseball. Past Lives.

Baseball, for me, was not the draw. But this book most certainly will appeal to those who are fans—it is full of riveting experiences, and captivating little known history, relating to that subject.

On the other hand, I have more than an interest in past lives—as I help many clients gain clarification on current life struggles by accessing information from other incarnations , or helping them to access relevant ones for themselves. But what is astounding besides this true story itself, is that is told by a Christian woman. Author—and mother of the baseball obsessed young boy–Cathy Byrd, not only had no belief in reincarnation at all, but was terrified of the whole concept. In addition, her Christian friends and minister implied that anything to do with past lives was something basically “of the devil,” and told her she had better let it go. Her husband, likewise, had zero interest and was not supportive of her delving into this more. He too, admonished her: let it go.

But she could not let it go.

Her devotion to her 2 year old son and the “odd” things that began coming out of his mouth, led her on a brave and loving journey that changed her forever, and opened her up to many things that would have been impossible if not for her son’s soul leading the way. His skills even by that tender young age led to not only a role in an Adam Sandler film by age 3, but to this as well at age 4:

Ms. Byrd, never a writer until this all occurred, has the most fluid, arresting way of conveying the story. Her honestly–including with her own doubts and considerable fears, the process she and the family go through, and her insistent need to get to the bottom of this–is page-turning. For example, imagine her relief and surprise, as she digs into research to find out that Jesus himself speaks of John the Baptist as the return of Elias (Matthew 11:14 and 17:11, Mark 9:11-13).), and that the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. omitted any reference to reincarnation in the “new” Christianity, whereas it had been accepted as valid in the original Christianity (more compelling history here and here).

Also, she keeps on plugging through to find the most reputable sources with impeccable credentials to help her on this journey. From professors to ministers to historians, psychologists and physicians, the cast of beautiful characters she meets is incredible!

Perhaps most impressive of all, is how the author allowed the impossible to become possible; for her beliefs to be challenged even as she was quaking in her boots about it. Her careful and self-reflective way of undergoing change has many lessons for us all.

A true sign of spiritual maturity is the ability let go of one’s identities and beliefs that no longer serve.

What most cherished beliefs or even identities have you had to give up in the face of evidence to the contrary? I’d love to get your comments below on this!

I do hope that her bravery in writing this story and exposing her family to the world in this manner accomplishes the task of opening people’s minds and hearts. She comes across as one very loving individual, devoted to family, the truth, and her own spiritual journey. I want non-believers to read this book! I hope that you will read it and then give it to someone who does not believe in “all that woo woo stuff.”

And I do hope there will be a Hollywood movie to come.

ADDENDUM: In fact, just found out, there IS a Hollywood movie of this soon to come!!

Remember to share your comments below, about what in your life you’ve had to be brave enough to question, reconsider, and change! (Oh, and you can buy the book, here!).

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