Fees & Policies

Amazing Pink FlowerFees: I have a “sliding scale” pricing structure for my work. Sessions range between $125-$85 (USA) per hour, with the amount that you pay at your discretion, according to your financial situation and the value you feel you may find in our work together.

“Why a Sliding Scale? What is that? How do I know what to pay?”

In addition to initially keeping my fees as accessible a possible, a sliding scale helps to make my work available to even more people with financial considerations, while still being able to receive more from those who can afford it. Choose an amount that “feels” right for you, your circumstances, and your needs. On my “Making an Appointment” page, you will find easy options for secure, safe payment.

Policies: I will fit you in at my earliest availability (usually within 1-2 weeks from your call). I try to reserve some slots within 72 hours for true urgencies, but cannot guarantee a specific time until we talk. Once we schedule, should you need to change your appointment time, you may do so with at least 24 hours notice to my voicemail.

Refunds: I am unable to give refunds once your payment is made. Should unforeseen circumstances occur where you are unable to give me 24 hours notice to reschedule, you are welcome to transfer your pre-reserved time to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Privacy: My clients range from well-knowns to unknowns, and I never divulge that you have met with me, unless you choose to make it public. As with any therapeutic endeavor, all that transpires in our session is held in strictest confidence, and it is at your discretion should you decide to share the content with others. (I follow the guidelines for mental health professionals for the very rare exceptions to this policy).

Accuracy Disclaimer: Psychic work is an art, not an exact science. My job is to help you see what is possible or probable; not what is certain. You have free will as to your next steps after the information is given. I cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make as a result of our work together. In regard to health questions, I recommend you be under the care of a licensed medical professional. Psychic work can possibly illuminate underlying factors, or give adjunct information to the care of a licensed medical professional. It should never be construed as medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment.