My Prize-Winning Poem

I received a second place prize (and even money, when does that ever happen for a totally amateur poet!) in an international poetry competition. I entered a poem which I wrote decades ago in college.

The poem “came through” me, like most of my earlier poems, in just a few minutes time.

Whether I was channeling a past life or the collective unconscious, it certainly points to an experience I have never been anywhere near in this incarnation. (Fair warning: it is rather intense).

After They Named My Granddaughter

I stood

and thought

about this nascent spark                              baby mystical

arriving, open and ready


Alexandria Jai


Such a solid first name

invoking wisdom of ages

the famous ancient library

in the middle of the world


Middle name like a bird

flying though the forest


no one in its flight

Egret, Capitola California

alighting, just to look


A name stable yet fluid

ancient and of the moment

a name fitting

a name just right

for my granddaughter


so apt

for that precious little


who came through the

thighs of the one

who emerged from my



Alexandria Jai                                                           baby sky

You did not get to fly

or even be a scholar, dreamer, dancer

born and dead at the same instant

the flame cold

little hands frozen



Did I not love deep enough

Did I not burn bright enough

to make the flame last                                    Colorized Rendering; Beach

one more round?




©Elizabeth Good

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  1. Tricia Meier says:

    Wow! Powerful and such a sad surprise.

  2. Whoa! Thank you for sharing. So vivid. So moving.

  3. Ruthanne says:

    So simple in the emotion it covey’s. Just beautiful, I can see why it won.

  4. Temitope Ayodeji says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful piece

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