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photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

Last month I discussed how psychic readings could assist an individual to catalyze their own process of physical healing. This month, I would like to explore how psychic readings can contribute to emotional healing. Through the psychological and spiritual awareness provided by a psychic, personal growth is often greatly accelerated.

The stereotyped image of those with extra sensory perception has often been connected with the fortune-teller, someone who predicts the future. Although this is an extremely limited perception, it points out something which is true for psychics: the spiritual realms in which psychics operate are not subject to the usual laws of time and space. Thus, probable futures might indeed be accessed. However, more importantly to the psychic who has a “personal growth-oriented” rather than a predictive practice, is the ability to look into the past, as well as influences in the present which are not accessed by logic or sensory input.

The usefulness of being able to go into the past is in looking at the sources of both personality challenges and strengths. For example, childhood issues which contribute to current blockages may be accessed. These blockages do not necessarily merely affect one’s psychological state, but can affect everything from relationships, physical health, career, and prosperity to self-esteem and purpose in life. Thus, it is certainly useful to clearly understand any undesirable patterns that have been created, as well as the resources of personal power and creativity that such experiences have helped to mold. Such patterns tend to crystallize our choices, so that limitations are felt more keenly in many areas of life. In a session with a psychic, a perspective may emerge about how to work with this information in a way which creates different choices. These new choices can catalyze the healing of wounds, and further a sense of strength and freedom. Ultimately, very new and wonderful ways of interacting, feeling, and thinking may blossom!

How does this approach differ from that of psychological therapies? Actually, these two approaches work quite well together, and it is not uncommon for a psychic to work in collaboration with a client’s therapist, should the client request it. Often, a client may simply bring information back and forth between the therapist and the psychic for her/himself. The value of either of these approaches can be enormously fruitful. Often the psychic can pinpoint directly certain woundings or tendencies, how they got there, or what the greater spiritual function of such wounds are. Putting new awareness into practical application is something at which the trained psychotherapist excels. So by bringing these new psychic insights into therapy sessions, the client can then work more readily with integrating different ways of being into their current lifestyle.

The majority of people who come to psychics are not in therapy, however, and the value of psychic insight in and of itself can be entirely useful. For although insight and understanding is most often the core of the psychic perspective, a psychic reading is not necessarily just a matter of insight. Psychological growth can include any number of spiritual, physical, or practical “prescriptions.” Everything told to the client by the psychic practitioner will be individualized according to what comes through as most helpful for the client’s next steps. Thus many practical steps and tools are often included, which will assist uniquely those either in therapy or not in therapy, as suited to the individual.

Another aspect of the past in a psychic’s world is “past lives.” The belief systems of many people are challenged when the concept of “past lives” is brought up! One way to view past lives is to see them as symbolizing patterns that are still relevant. It is really not so very different from looking at childhood situations: the concept of past lives can also feed into patterns or blockages–as well as talents, gifts, or greater purpose The source of current patterns is accessed, as well as how to work with it to create new choices or healing. Ultimately, it may be unimportant whether it is an actual past life or not. Time and again, the “stories” that come through make total sense to the client, and provide illumination and “Aha!”s which have not been gleaned in any other ways.

Personal growth as well as psychological health is certainly not just about the past. Choices in one’s current environment, lifestyle choices, relationships and work can all contribute to greater purpose and evolvement or not. Current, as well as past, influences may thus emerge from a psychic perspective in ways that can be surprisingly illuminating.

Also, biological issues can certainly affect psychological health. I have worked with clients who had depression due to nutritional deficiencies, and also those who had enough biological disarray to need medication for a time. The psychic viewpoint in cases such as this is invaluable, allowing one to know where to best point the light of perception. In some cases, spending time on the “deeper causes” will only produce more harm when biological intervention is needed. In other cases, just the opposite is true, and deeper causes will be fundamental to the issues which the client brings to a session.

These are just a few of the many ways that psychic awareness can assist in accelerating ones personal path towards wholeness and ease in self. Since there are so many possible layers to look at in any situation, guidance received from a psychic approach allows a pinpointing that is without par when working from a solely linear framework.

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