Psychic Sessions and Physical Healing

photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

In this month’s column, I continue to address some of the ways in which psychic energy works. Many people have asked me about the role of psychic readings in healing physical problems. Although it is, of course, highly individual, I will share my own viewpoint on the role that intuitive awareness can play. This perspective comes primarily from my work as a professional psychic with hundreds of clients over the past 17 years.

Thus, I will not pretend to speak for all psychics or healers. On the other hand, I hope to inform and educate about general approaches that befit many other psychics besides just myself. With this in mind, I offer some thoughts that point to one slice of the greater reality that we all share.

First and foremost, it needs to be clarified that a psychic’s role is never, ever to diagnose, treat, or cure illness. It is, rather, to give the client information. This information can allow the client to further work in ways that will complement their chosen medical treatment(s). Thereby, the clarification that is offered may possibly enable the client to take steps on her or his own towards greater healing.

Probably a good place to begin is: what is healing, exactly? The Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary has a number of definitions for the word “heal,” including “to restore to health,” “to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome” and “to restore to original purity or integrity.” “Health,” it further defines in several ways, including “freedom from physical disease or pain” and “flourishing condition.”

I like the concept of “health” being a “flourishing condition”, and heal as “to restore to original purity or integrity.” We may be acculturated to believe that this sense of flourishing, of purity and integrity, is that which allows us the greatest freedom to exist in an unobstructed manner. Yet, sometimes our greater sense of purpose, our truest freedom to flourish and to be restored, is different from what we had in mind! A much larger, stronger, and wiser part of ourselves is often being expressed through the conditions of our body physical. This is where a psychic can help to unlock the meaning in the messages from the body. There are many levels as to how this may unfold.

One level is the “medical psychic” approach. Many psychics do medical psychic work as part of their practice. Medically psychic information can include specific details about what exactly is going on in the body physical, as well as clarifying what the body is needing to help rectify the situation. Examples are nutritional deficiencies, referrals to other types of health professionals for certain tests or treatments, physical exercises, meditation processes, or even such things as a prescription for more playfulness! The possibilities are endless as to what will show up. Because the psychic view is concerned with the levels of healing that are not obvious on the surface, most medical psychics are shown a deeper understanding of what causes the imbalances that create the physical disharmonies. Thus, along with the physical data, the role of emotions, purpose, or background in manifesting the condition of illness, pain, or disability may emerge. And almost always, there are recommendations given for the next steps.

This is why not only individuals with health problems will seek out psychic information for healing, but open-minded doctors with recalcitrant clients may partner with psychics for help as well. For the more hidden aspects of what is causing the physical system to go awry do not necessary yield to modern tests and procedures coming from the doctors office. Thus, medical psychics are becoming more in demand with physicians and other health practitioners in their practices. I believe that it is because at this time in our planetary evolution, the hidden causes of illness seem to be playing a larger role. Examples such as environmental toxins, childhood issues, or a larger spiritual purpose spring to mind. Since the training of the physician is very different from that of a psychic, these two approaches can work quite well together to enable the client to get at these root causes.

Sometimes the information will be more geared towards a person’s soul growth. There is never any guarantee of “healing” in the way our minds want to define it. From the perspective of soul and your greater wholeness, integrity of body, mind, and spirit is the goal. Of course, comfort and ease within yourself is, ideally, the final outcome. Yet, often greater discomfort is initially the vehicle by which you become aware of the need to make changes in order to evolve and grow. The body can be a direct communication link between the soul and the personality, helping to express what is not “getting through” in other ways to the individual.

Like a dream, however, the meaning of the message is not necessarily easily deciphered due to the “smaller box” in which we are used to perceiving. This is where a psychic perspective can be imminently valuable!

And not infrequently, the information in itself can be healing. Time and time again, I have had clients tell me they experienced healing merely as a result of receiving much-needed information. It was as if a space opened up inside of themselves, and they suddenly had more room to know their own truths. In this spaciousness, healing can more readily occur.

Now, all of this then brings up the very charged issue of whether we are responsible for “creating” our illness and pain. I believe there are always reasons why an individual suffers from limitations that cause them to have to focus upon bodily discomforts. Yet, even though there is a meaning or reason, the condition of illness or pain is not one that is “wrong.” There is NO blame for this condition assigned. This tendency to blame or judge (whether other ill individuals, or ourselves when we are ill) has cropped up a great deal in the past 20 years or so of emerging metaphysical awareness in our culture. It was born, in part, out of our learning how beliefs influence reality. However, it also was born from the fears of not being in control. Learning to discern true power (which comes from a place of truth and wisdom)-rather than control (which comes from fears)-is key. When blame or judgment arise, it is a signal that fear rather than authentic truth is running the show. Any perspective on illness-whether of oneself or of another-which includes judgment of the condition-undermines the ability to evolve from the condition.

So, perhaps our journey will be to “lessen the lesson” of illness and regain greater health. Perhaps it will be one of more acceptance and learning the means to become more vast than our conditions. Either way, we are benefited by having a larger vision of it than the one we have been coming from, as that has been our “stuck” place!

It is my firm belief that illness, pain, and disability have a unique role in widening our compassion for ourselves when it becomes part of our reality. And likewise in widening our compassion for others through those that are ill in our society. There are as many different levels of illness as there are lives that contain illness. Some need more “tough love” to really look at their situation and how to take more responsibility; others need much softer love, to learn to be easier on themselves. In between these two points of balance there are many individual stories and roads towards Home.

Next month I will continue to discuss healing, with more emphasis on how psychic awareness relates to the emotional and psychological levels.

Originally published as The Wider View © 2001-2002. All rights reserved. Please contact Elizabeth for permission to use any material contained herein.

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