What is a psychic reading?

HummingbirdIn person or by telephone, we address your specific concerns in one or more areas. Initial sessions are 55 minutes. Longer sessions are available as well. Shorter sessions are an option after your initial session.

Accessing new awareness frees up energy previously unavailable to you. Thus, the effects of one session can sometimes provide the benefit of unfolding growth for months or even years.

In-person sessions may be taped at your request. Because we are working on levels that go deeper than the conscious mind, this establishes two goals. First, you can relax during the session and allow yourself to receive the information on deep levels. Also, because you will “grow into” the information, the tape may assist you to get even more help with repeated listenings.

Your tape is for your use only; I do not keep a copy. (Taping of sessions is done as a courtesy. I am not responsible for any malfunctioning of taping equipment, nor the quality of the tape).

If you are a telephone client, feel free to record it on your own equipment (kindly let me know before we begin).