An Exotic Passover

Full Moon in Aptos, California. Photo by Elizabeth Good

Full Moon in Aptos, California. Photo by Elizabeth Good

While this is my first “official” blog for my new updated site (Yes! Blogging capabilities at last!), it’s an oldie but goodie. But I like to re-post it at this time of year.

I hope it stirs memories of your own holiday celebrations, and/or gives you a window to this one that perhaps you’ve never thought about.

I’m more the type of gal who is interested in the fact that Passover is on the first full moon after Equinox than I am in traditional Judaism. As with Easter, which was originally held on the first Sunday after the first full moon after Equinox (but became subject to a more complex formula for determination of the date over time), I am drawn to the Earth-based, rhythmic underpinnings of religious holidays, which serve to connect us to our innate spiritual nature.

That being said, growing up Jewish (and appreciating many aspects of Jewish spirituality), it is impossible to not enjoy my fond childhood memories of the traditional Passover ritual meal, the Seder.

The week-long holiday often is celebrated by American Jews with Seders on the first night, and for some also the second. Extended family or friends customarily gather.

While first night was, for me, a fun affair as a child (with us giggling cousins being our usual kid-like selves to endure the semi-serious process), it was probably not unlike many American Seders based in European roots (known as Ashkenazic Judaism) and the common more liberal Reform-style Judaism that most of my friends and family practiced.

Second night, though, was another experience altogether. My very strict uncle, a follower of the most religious form of Judiasm (Orthodox), and hailing from Persia, practiced the—to me—exotic Sephardic style of Judaism, which is the type that those from the Iberian Peninsula practice. Though there was a solemnness to his approach, it was mysterious enough to keep me eager with anticipation every year, when my sister and I would go with my parents and meet up with our two same-aged cousins and their folks.

I was always enthralled; captivated. Not to mention anticipating the meal that came late into the evening, after the first half of the Seder rituals happened. Sure, first night with chicken and matzoh ball soup was a big treat. But… Persian food!! Oh my goodness.

I wrote this short simple poem back when I was in college. It brings me to that feeling of mystery with which my exotic Middle Eastern, Orthodox Jewish uncle was enshrouded. I always feel that his passing brought him closer to the Source he so honored.

Uncle Hoff

When it was still Persia

You and grandpa left

Made a new life here


Kept your religion

Never touching lamps

After dark on Sabbath or holidays


We four cousins

in awe of you

And you of The Lord.


Years later

We burn with memories

Of all that you gave us


It has not been the same

Since you left us for your God

Personal Growth and Psychic Sessions


photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

Last month I discussed how psychic readings could assist an individual to catalyze their own process of physical healing. This month, I would like to explore how psychic readings can contribute to emotional healing. Through the psychological and spiritual awareness provided by a psychic, personal growth is often greatly accelerated.

The stereotyped image of those with extra sensory perception has often been connected with the fortune-teller, someone who predicts the future. Although this is an extremely limited perception, it points out something which is true for psychics: the spiritual realms in which psychics operate are not subject to the usual laws of time and space. Thus, probable futures might indeed be accessed. However, more importantly to the psychic who has a “personal growth-oriented” rather than a predictive practice, is the ability to look into the past, as well as influences in the present which are not accessed by logic or sensory input. [Read more…]

Psychic Sessions and Physical Healing

photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

In this month’s column, I continue to address some of the ways in which psychic energy works. Many people have asked me about the role of psychic readings in healing physical problems. Although it is, of course, highly individual, I will share my own viewpoint on the role that intuitive awareness can play. This perspective comes primarily from my work as a professional psychic with hundreds of clients over the past 17 years.

Thus, I will not pretend to speak for all psychics or healers. On the other hand, I hope to inform and educate about general approaches that befit many other psychics besides just myself. With this in mind, I offer some thoughts that point to one slice of the greater reality that we all share. [Read more…]