In The Womb Of The Mother

It’s hard to believe that I live a 2 minute drive from this forest. This surprise awaited me in the thick of the lush greens recently. Walking into the middle of this giant redwood was like being in the womb of the Great Mother. How grateful I am to the Forest of Nisene Marks, to Aptos, to Santa Cruz County, to California, to this beautiful season! Even with the cool foggy days, the weather is perfect. I am drawn to the forest as I never have been in my life lately. The Earth is calling. The Mother returns us to Her womb, and we are renewed.

Personal Growth and Psychic Sessions


photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

Last month I discussed how psychic readings could assist an individual to catalyze their own process of physical healing. This month, I would like to explore how psychic readings can contribute to emotional healing. Through the psychological and spiritual awareness provided by a psychic, personal growth is often greatly accelerated.

The stereotyped image of those with extra sensory perception has often been connected with the fortune-teller, someone who predicts the future. Although this is an extremely limited perception, it points out something which is true for psychics: the spiritual realms in which psychics operate are not subject to the usual laws of time and space. Thus, probable futures might indeed be accessed. However, more importantly to the psychic who has a “personal growth-oriented” rather than a predictive practice, is the ability to look into the past, as well as influences in the present which are not accessed by logic or sensory input. [Read more…]