Inner Silence and Psychic Sessions

Beach, Aptos, California photo by Elizabeth Good

Beach, Aptos, California
photo by Elizabeth Good

In last month’s column, I discussed the potential role of psychic readings in assisting us towards greater emotional, mental and psychological health. Receiving psychic information about our past, present, and possible future, and then utilizing it within ourselves (or in concert with ongoing therapy), was illustrated to be a wonderful avenue for “making fuller” the healing and enlarging of our true self.

It may seem, therefore, paradoxical to discuss psychic readings as an opportunity where we can learn how to become free from analyzing, processing, and “working on” ourselves! But the ultimate goal of any healing approach is actually to find the silence within. This inner quiet is not silent in the way we might imagine silence to be. It may actually be experienced as a fullness which can contain peacefulness, joy, and aliveness within it. Often, it will even feel more invigorating than our usual state of being. It can be a “resting place” which catalyzes us to embark, with renewed capability, upon those tasks and joys which are essential for the best interests of self and others. People may often first access this experience in a variety of activities. Some instances may include being in nature, meditation, sports, sex, creative pursuits, being with children, music, breathing, yoga, or even in a fit of riotous laughter! [Read more…]