Ode To The Overwhelmed

In a (very possibly misguided) effort to bring you, my treasured readers & site visitors, the most juicy, wonderful, inspiring, helpful and hopeful junk I can share, I am going through thousands of my photos attempting to get them pared down, categorized and shared on my site. This project I suspect could take way longer than anticipated…so many unexpected steps, even with the help of my incredible wonderful web master Greg at Sierra Online Services. Occasionally I am sharing a random one in the interim, but my online attention has been burrowed in photos primarily. Thus, the blogging (which was the other half of my Great Intent for this year) has surely greatly suffered, although you probably hadn’t noticed nor mind that there is not one more thing cluttering your inbox, nor vying for you attention online.

The Photographer in his “Studio”

The Photographer in his “Studio”
photo by Elizabeth Good

Given my desire to share at least something today, I am totally swiping content here. I found this poem in an ancient email (somehow in the middle of cleaning out the photos, I wound up cleaning out emails as well).

I am a total novice at using borrowed content, so I hope that adding the link and copyright of the author at the end there is all I need to do! (It’s an honor, I suspect, when one’s work is shared by other bloggers).

This affirming poem has been very well received when I’ve shared through email, although it may appeal more to females. Some men may also relate to much of it, but if you are a male who has a female or females you love…whether lover, spouse, mother, friend, relative, co-worker….they may very well appreciate you sending this to them.

Hope it helps to uplift you, whatever your gender.

Feel free to leave any comments below about how this poem affects you.


Off to photoland….take good care of you!



And as you stand there
Late again
Because you forgot to allow time to park
And the elevator was slow
And you left 10 minutes late to begin with

With your shoes that pinch
And your pants that are a little too small
Since you started eating white bread again

And as you paw through your bag
Looking for the suite number
That you’re not sure you wrote down to begin with

Let us now praise you.

You, the untidy.
You, the careless.
You, the easily distracted by sparkly things.

The money you spend on late fees alone
Could feed a family in Africa –
Which reminds you that you meant to send in the kids’ Unicef money and

And that despite your best efforts,
You rarely eat a square meal,
You almost never get enough sleep
And exercise seems like a word that magazines have developed
Just to make you feel bad about yourself.

But you are good and brave.
You, flying by the seat of your pants
Making it work
Putting out fires
Saying your prayers
And dancing your dance of now and later and maybe and

As innocent as each morning’s sunrise,
You are a fount of good intentions.
Your good humor is as graceful as a baby giraffe,
Even if that joke you were trying to make to the hotel clerk fell flat
And your toast at the wedding came out sounding a little….funny.

But you have gifts that no one knows about.
You have the strength to bend in the wind
You have the joyful spirit that loves a good belly laugh,
You have the wisdom to understand that everything will all come out all right in the end and
You have the faith to light a candle rather than curse the darkness.

That is, if you could find the book of matches from that romantic restaurant that you went to for your anniversary but since you didn’t have a reservation they made you wait at the bar for half an hour during which you had two appletinis and the rest of the night is a bit of a blur.

So much for the overpriced lingerie.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Frazzled and overworked and underpaid
You are the one who forgot your wallet
And forgot your receipt for the dry cleaners
And forgot your keys which you just set down five seconds ago, so where could they possibly have gone?

But you never forget to say, “I love you”
And you never forget to give a big smile to that nice parking guy
And you never fail to show endless patience when the
Too-tightly wrapped and overly-conscientious start to offer their
Oh-so-helpful suggestions about how you might feel better if you would just learn to alphabetize your spice rack.

You are beautiful.
So, wear the lingerie on Monday for no reason.
And why not just refuse to participate in the bake sale this year?
And give yourself a compliment for something you did well today.

Because you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

© Samantha Bennett