From a small sampling of my clients:

Elizabeth’s readings and counseling sessions have provided me with new insights, revelations and incredible guidance. She has aided me in my life’s challenges and my life’s work. Her warmth, compassion, and charm also bring me a source of comfort and inspiration every time I talk to her.

Management Consultant
St. Prex, Switzerland

As my session with Elizabeth began, I felt us transported to a timeless, vast heartspace. With clarity, confidence, compassion, and humility, she made observations about life challenges and possibilities vis-à-vis my soul’s journey that left me spellbound, and in turn inspired insights of my own. She was totally present, loving, patient, spontaneous, and playful. She fully explored every question I came with, as well as opened up new areas to learn from. I cried healing tears through most of our time together. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

~David Harris
Personal Organizer
Ventura, California

Elizabeth has consistently rated as a safe and reliable haven for my spiritual work. Her calm and authentic presence has provided a context for addressing my more challenging hurdles. Our sessions over 15 years have always left me with reassurance and revelation.

~Nikki Wagner
Antique & Art Dealer
Aptos, California

Regardless of our own diligent introspection or inner work on ourselves, sometimes it is crucial to seek clear insight from others who can see us in a different way. Elizabeth Good is a grounded, heart-centered psychic who can provide that clear insight.

~Dr. Dan Stickle
Chiropractor; Feng Shei consultant
Santa Cruz, California

My session with Elizabeth changed my life and strengthened my path of healing and spiritual development. Her absolutely accurate perceptions finally convinced my doubting mind that I am an eternal being. I am forever grateful I was able to connect with Elizabeth and have her share her gift with me.

~Carie Broecker
Pacific Grove, California

Elizabeth’s readings came at a time of my re-entry into the working world, when I needed a boost of self-esteem having sacrificed beyond reason for many years in a spiritual organization. Her comments were credible and insightful, then and now (many years later), and showed a keen instinct for deftly urging me forward when my mind was caught in self-limiting, fundamentalist thought patterns.

~Josh Wagner
Consultant to Nonprofit organizations
Santa Cruz, California

Elizabeth Good is incredibly accurate. I always feel as if she has given me a healing even though I don’t request it. Problems that I talk to her about often clear up shortly after the reading! She is incredibly wise. Her readings are good to listen to over and over because they have layers of wisdom and validity and enlightenment that go beyond “current events.” The channel always colors the reading and so her readings are always dipped in love!

~Barbara O.
Software Engineer
Boulder, Colorado

Elizabeth has been an angel for me for over 10 years now. Guiding me gently and accurately through good and bad times, I have received excellent information from her. I highly recommend her. She always gives an honest, sincere, loving reading. I always know I will come away with a deeper insight for myself and family-and even my pets!

~Kimmy Noël Morris
Knights Ferry, California