What in the World Is Going On!

Spider web over ocean photo by Elizabeth Good

Spider web over ocean
photo by Elizabeth Good

“What in the world is going on?”

Wars and violence, crises in health and immune systems, pollution of the planet, and so many other signs of increasing chaos surround us. Many Americans, for example, are still reeling from the changes in sense of safety and self-definition wrought by events in their homeland this past year. Others are experiencing breakdown and change in relationships, careers, bodily capacities, and even faith. It is easy to feel a sense of hopelessness—sometimes even despair—in the midst of our efforts to work on ourselves and our society. Understanding and integrating these seemingly intensified levels of suffering which we are enduring is indeed a challenge.

In this month’s column, I humbly offer a viewpoint as to part of what the larger picture may be about in these tumultuous times. This is derived from both inner messages I have received, as well as what I see occurring with a number of my clients in my work as a professional psychic.

Much of the old paradigm and structure of reality on this planet is crumbling. Duality, separation, and oppression have shaped personal and collective consciousness for much of human history. Many of us long to shape a culture which is free from the domination and imbalance which have reigned for millennia. New visions are being born which give us a taste for other possibilities. As these deeper visions are being brought into conscious awareness, alongside them are the promises of new ways of being.

Fear and anxiety, or depression and despair, are often catalyzed as we attempt to actualize these promising potential realities. This is because the old ways are dissolving even as the new is trying to take root. In order for the new to anchor in steadfastly, we are forced to “clean out” of ourselves the beliefs which are related to the old paradigms. These lesser ways of being can be as ancient as patterns brought in from past incarnations, or as recent as decisions we made yesterday. Even that which we think we have cleared long ago may be arising again vehemently. It can be likened to a garden wherein we have cut down plant growth but never actually dug the roots out! What we are personally undergoing does intricately relate to what is being broken down in the larger cultural milieu. Our own inner work does connect to the larger planetary picture.

Therefore, our personal life circumstances may now be pushing us to dissolve the patterns which keep our former ways intact. Although these situations may not feel “perfect” to our more familiar sense self, they are indeed designed perfectly by other aspects of ourselves; those which foster our need for development! This may turn out to look different from what we thought we had wanted, or even needed. The grief and pain of such losses needs to not be minimized, and ought to be fully felt and released. But as we surrender to what is, we find out that the healing forces of our heart and soul are working to carry us to a greater grace and richer life than we could have generated through what our conditioning has allowed us in the past.

You may resonate with this sense of confusion—or even panic—catalyzed by the breakdown of your past, of that which structured your former life, or of cherished dreams for your future which have disintegrated. Or, you may be anguished by the increasing intensity of societal pain. In either case, I recommend first and foremost that you try to create some kind of quiet space for yourself. How can you anchor in the still small voice that guides you even in the midst of increasing chaos? To the best of your ability within the demands of your current lifestyle, see what you can allow. Sanctuary may be vital to reconnect with your way out of the muddle. For some this will be time in nature, for others being with music or art (either creating or absorbing), meditating, or connecting with your body through gentle, quieting movement or deep breathing.

Along with quiet centering, there are times when deep and passionate expression is also recommended! Yelling, dancing it out, vigorous motion (if physically possible), or fervent prayer can be a way to connect with what we long to newly anchor in, even as we feel the simultaneous dissolution occurring.

A psychic practitioner who is oriented towards a personal growth may be of benefit as you navigate the rapids of this wild ride. Such intuitive awareness may help you to see the larger meaning behind such unease. A psychic perspective can encompass what is beyond the bounds of the patterned conditioning and the filters through which you have viewed your life. Thus, intuitive guidance can be especially highly beneficial as you experience this type of unraveling.

Do remember that your feelings of dissolution or disorientation don’t mean that you are doing anything wrong. In fact, you may be doing things more “right” than some of those who are able to keep functioning at high levels, as you may be working to disintegrate the old, and to birth new realities, in a different manner than others that you know. Trust your self, your process, and find ways to return to your center of stillness as much as possible. Your own quiet center is the place from where you can best surrender in faith to the promise and potential of this sacred journey.

Originally published as The Wider View © 2001-2002. All rights reserved. Please contact Elizabeth for permission to use any material contained herein.

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