Will You Be My April Fool?

While it’s common to hear the phrase, “Will you be my Valentine?” associated with that holiday….how often do you get asked to be someone’s fool?

Funny Parody Sign in My Neighborhood

Funny Parody Sign in My Neighborhood

If you know my blogging or Twitter feed, you know that I’m not a “typical psychic” in what I share. While I do adore angels, and healing-with-color-meditations as much as the next psychic, I address many other things in life that I find healing: music, art, creativity, community, nature, food, using our senses to appreciate life, outrage, inventiveness, innovation, and whatever else I’m finding useful to myself or others.

And to me…along with the music/art/poetry/creativity…humor tops the list. Humor is one of my very favorite ways to feel healed, to see healing happen, to see people “losing their minds” in the good way…by being in the moment, being present.

So…please be an April Fool (even if you don’t want to be MY April Fool) and find some laughter, giggles, joy, tickles, mirthful refreshment if you are able. You may be experiencing strong stresses which could preclude those feelings today, or in this period. If so, be gentle with yourself and feel what is real for you.

But, if you have merely forgotten the value of a good belly laugh, or gotten so wrapped up in deadlines or stresses that you are not taking deep breaths in your day, a good belly laugh will force that latter issue, and make the former issues melt and de-stress a little, perhaps even giving you new solutions & perspectives.  Make a total (or partial!) fool of yourself. Laugh at yourself, or help others to do so today. Oh, and tomorrow, by the way. And the next day….

To get you started, here is a “making-fun-of-ourselves” video that those of us New Agey psychic types got to enjoy.

Comment below to let me know how you wind up engaging in “intentional foolishness” today, or this week or month. I say, share the wealth when it comes to guffaw-producing material!

Enjoy yourself!

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