World Series Madness: The Archetypal (& Yes Of Course, Sexual) Meaning of Baseball

This was an easy blog to write as I have 100% stolen this from an email sent by an astrologer friend of mine, Rico Baker. I just couldn’t resist sharing it here. Thank you Rico!! He starts the email by saying, “Dear Friends, please forgive me, my Muses made me do it.” So take this in his spirit of lightness and fun, and with a few grains of salt. Interesting reading, though, whether you completely adore the game or fail to grok the American love affair with it.

THE DIAMOND’S GLAMOR: An archetypal psychological baseball rant.~by Rico Baker

With the advent of the San Francisco Giants’ dramatic 3 run homer to win their entry into the World Series, I have been thrust once again into wonderment about the American love affair with this particular sport. Here are some of what my eccentric muses have been whispering into my inner ear.

First of all baseball does begin with a diamond. There are three bases and home plate. For Carl Jung the movement from unstable Three to complete Four was a basic motif of wholeness. Called variously a “Mandala” or “squaring of the circle,” or the “Quaternity,” it represents integrating all the aspects of the psyche or the facets of the diamond if you will, into the whole of the circle or the encircling stadium. Carl Jung is said to have written a note of congratulations to Pope Pius the XIIth for his role in accepting Mary into the godhead as the fourth counter-gender addition to the masculine Trinity, completing the mandala.

Within the center of the diamond is the pitcher’s mound or mount, where from on high, as from Mt. Meru or Mt. Olympus where the divinities control mortal men’s destiny, the “pitch” is delivered to the lone batter, hoping to confuse him into “striking out” after three strikes. The batter however, is hoping to either “walk” after four balls or get a hit, especially a home run. The pitcher’s mound being near the diamond’s center is like the center of the mandala, which represents the mysterious heart center with its dimensionless dot or point where the infinite realm of the unmanifest comes into manifestation – the place of the Fifth or quintessence. This white hole in the form of a white ball, or world egg, comes hurling towards the brave heroic man with the long phallic bat deciding his fate at the “plate.” Will he be able to walk or run around the three or four bases or be struck down by the third strike. The bat and ball or balls are symbolic in this process as every man and woman intuitively knows and feels. The size of the bat probably does matter.
The fourfold diamond is also a version of the sacred four directions, the cosmic cross or the rosy cross – Santa Cruz. In the center where the pitcher stands is the central rose, Santa Rosa, which is comparable to the World Tree or the fountain in the center of the garden from whence the healing waters spring forth from the Source.
Once on base, the runner in Life’s game must take the life-threatening journey around the quaternity of bases deciding whether he will be “safe” or “put out” of the game, whence he is forced to return to the underground dugout, reminiscent of Hades and Persephone’s underworld, awaiting his next turn at bat or on the field of life.Persephone and Pomegrante

The home run is the pinnacle of success in this game of life, when the batter becomes the hitter, and then the runner, eventually making it all the way back to the home plate. Hints to the sexual symbolism of the home run is suggested in the connotations of “making it to first base” on a date. The ideal, of course, is to make to all the bases, returning home, and “scoring.” Home, I assume, has something to do with the first house, the mother, and returning to the tentative safety of the womb. The warm embrace of his fellow players greeting the home run hitter is thus symbolic of the hero returning home like brave Odysseus to his faithful wife Penelope after the long journey back from the Trojan War.

The naming of the team should be carefully considered (meaning decided by help of wise astrologers, con=with, sider=stars) as the archetypal power of the name is vital. For example, in this “World Series” (or Life Serious), we will get to witness the meeting of the San Francisco Giants, sponsored by the Vatican and the Anunnaki vs. The Kansas City Royals, sponsored by the Queen of England, and the annual Kansas City livestock show and BBQ competition.
Further numerical symbolism reveals that each team is composed of Six in-fielders, Number One the pitcher; Two, the catcher; Three more basemen, and the added Fourth shortstop, equaling Six; plus a Trinity of out-fielders, totaling the magic archetypal number, Nine, reminiscent of the 3×3 grid of the vaastu mandala.
So as we can surmise, there is definitely a sound numerological and metaphysical basis for the popularity of baseball as the great American Game of Life, which basically stated, is to get paid for scoring or striking out or putting out the other suitors (oops, I mean players).

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