Your New Year’s (R)evolutions (A Cheat Sheet!)

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. ~Author Unknown

I was talking to my pal David this week about how common still, even though everyone “knows better,” are those onerous New Year’s Resolutions. He remarked that he calls them “Resignations,” owing to the fact of the dreariness, demandingness, and overall killjoy affect that seeps in after the first few days or weeks of fire and steam dying down. How quickly those stern, self abnegating “I’m gonna do better this year” intentions lose their luster.

I told him I have long preferred the idea of New Year’s Revolutions (or perhaps evolutions) to Resolutions.

Thus, I hereby humbly offer my ideas for yours. Feel free to carry this in your wallet, post on your mirror/bulletin board/refrigerator, and/or cut/paste/ white out parts/add your own variations. And please share freely if you find it helpful!

*I promise to try not to make myself do better. I’m fine exactly as I am. At the same time, I hope and intend fervently to evolve who I really am, my sense of purpose, and those true passions which allow me to live, give and love more selflessly, freely and vitally.

*I promise to embarrass myself, do something I wish I hadn’t, have at least one regret, and/or have to apologize to someone. Since I’m a human, this is 100% part of my job description.

* I promise to do my best to not blame myself for my circumstances. Yes, I can take responsibility for what is really my fault, or where I have caused harm. But my inability to achieve, perfect health, body shape, income level, relationships, family life, ideal career, or make world peace is not necessarily in my control. I forgive myself for whatever shape my life (and my world) has taken at this point.

* I promise to try just a little bit less to make everything right (this one is for you overachiever/perfectionist/Light Worker types out there who feel over-responsible. If you are a slacker, ignore this one, ha!).

* I promise to break at least one, if not more, of all of these and any other promises. After all, I’m only human, and the whole point of my journey might possibly be self-forgiveness. Therefore, I need to fuck up (sometimes royally) so I can forgive myself.

* I give myself permission to know myself better, and love myself anyway.


Please share yours below, too. And may you have a happy and serene year ahead!

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