The Eclipse is Sooner Than You Think! (And Why I Didn’t Buy Eclipse Glasses)

I know, I know…especially if you reside in the good ol’ U. S. of A., you are being treated to an increasing barrage of coverage about the pending solar eclipse on August 21 of this year, which will span the complete continental United States…a rare occurrence.

However TODAY, August 7th, is the flip side/bookend to that solar today is the lunar eclipse. Since it’s not visible and flashy, and it does not have the momentous same type of impact on more obvious levels, there has been less emphasis by far, about this.

But don’t be fooled. Especially if you are sensitive or psychically attuned, you are already feeling these energies. They impact your emotional body, your inner landscape, your “yin” intuitive, receptive nature and your innermost motives. It’s a good time to reflect, pull in, or at least stay more aware than usual in your daily activities. Be kind to yourself–and to others–as you or they may be more sensitive, emotional, or jittery.

In addition to today’s more subtle influences, the next two weeks from today’s lunar eclipse–leading up to the solar eclipse–are a fertile time to clean out what does not work in your life, and to get more inwardly focused on your higher spiritual self. It’s also a perfect time, if you feel the need, to get good guidance from helpers if you need it. I’m not meaning to toot my own horn here…(check my blogs…I don’t usually promote in a blatant fashion!), but it truly is an ideal time for it. And of course you certainly may have someone else you feel confident in consulting…a trusted healer, psychic, therapist, or other helper. Get thee to their door/phone/skype appointment if you feel the need.

You can search online for more information about this period of time. I am NOT an astrologer, so I leave more detail about this to those in the know. I’m only going by my inner sense as a psychic. There is some good information out there, and some other rather fear-provoking or ungrounding information. Use your discernment. I firmly believe that which whips up fear is generally not as useful or accurate as more balanced advice. I really like this guy’s grounded, elegant insights about it.

NOW…as for those eclipse glasses. The ancient seers knew that an eclipse is a time to stay inside, meditate, and to not be exposed to these types of energies, which are considered “darker.” This is of course up to you…you may feel left out if you don’t “see” the eclipse happenings in real time. I for one am not going to subject myself to that, but rather focus upon the inner. Here is more information on this subject. It is a wonderful article–worth reading in full– but the 10th paragraph in particular, refers to that which I referenced. And the 11th paragraph outlines the wonderful opportunities for inner growth by meditating during these times.

Do follow your own inner guidance about this subject…but of COURSE if you do decide you need to “look,” absolutely wear some NASA approved glasses!

Okay kids, that is all for now. I haven’t blogged in a reaaalllly long time because I want these blogs to be great and interesting and helpful (plus I have been going through my own not-so-easy-to-deal-with-stuff)…so instead I am going for imperfection and just doing it finally. Thus this is short, sweet, and perhaps not my most eloquent of blogs. But I merely hope it helps some of you! Would love to see your thoughts below, and of course feel free to share this if you find it useful.

Meanwhile, don’t throw any shade…



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