Inner Silence and Psychic Sessions

Beach, Aptos, California photo by Elizabeth Good

Beach, Aptos, California
photo by Elizabeth Good

In last month’s column, I discussed the potential role of psychic readings in assisting us towards greater emotional, mental and psychological health. Receiving psychic information about our past, present, and possible future, and then utilizing it within ourselves (or in concert with ongoing therapy), was illustrated to be a wonderful avenue for “making fuller” the healing and enlarging of our true self.

It may seem, therefore, paradoxical to discuss psychic readings as an opportunity where we can learn how to become free from analyzing, processing, and “working on” ourselves! But the ultimate goal of any healing approach is actually to find the silence within. This inner quiet is not silent in the way we might imagine silence to be. It may actually be experienced as a fullness which can contain peacefulness, joy, and aliveness within it. Often, it will even feel more invigorating than our usual state of being. It can be a “resting place” which catalyzes us to embark, with renewed capability, upon those tasks and joys which are essential for the best interests of self and others. People may often first access this experience in a variety of activities. Some instances may include being in nature, meditation, sports, sex, creative pursuits, being with children, music, breathing, yoga, or even in a fit of riotous laughter!

How in the world might a psychic reading, with all of its verbosity, point towards obtaining this precious silence? Paradoxically, although a psychic reading is full of words, it can ultimately quiet down the mind. Thus, it can enable us to learn how to create this pristine and fertile state more sustainably within ourselves.

The “tendencies of mind” which allow us to harbor old grievances, unfavorable life habits, or create friction in our lives can often be seen more clearly by a psychic than by ourselves. As the psychic communicates this information in a session, it can help to create insight and illumination which may then dissolve inner friction, and allow for a resolution of outer conflicts. When the friction is dissolved, both our life circumstances and our minds are automatically more peaceful, and we are then more open to the healing that our inner silence provides. This reduction in friction, whether inside our own thoughts, or in our worldly affairs, is the goal of all healing practices.

Many people have found that they can access this state of inner silence through body-oriented or spiritual practices. Dance, yoga, chi gong, or hands-on healing techniques such as acupuncture or massage are examples of body-oriented approaches which many have found to be of benefit. Others have found that approaches such as meditation, ritual, or other spiritual practices can reduce mental and emotional friction, thereby allowing greater equanimity and deepening of inner joy. All of these avenues for increasing and accessing inner silence are wonderfully valid!

However, there are times when the turmoil within the mental or emotional self seems to take over, and we cannot derive as much benefit from body-or spiritually-based approaches. It is at these times that a psychic perspective can be enormously useful.

In a session with a psychic, issues may be addressed which relate to inner beliefs and self-talk; those often unconscious “noises” or patterns which are “running the show.” In this way, a learning occurs which may illustrate in what manner we have been preventing access to the deep restorative power of our own innate inner silence. Additionally, specific practices or methods to work with clearing the old baggage are often part of the session. A perspective is arrived at on how to best proceed to clear out these patterns and habits. Accordingly, the insight received in a session can continue to be worked with by the client for increasing and ongoing benefit.

Of course, there are also those times in which our minds run amok from specific and urgent stresses, crises, or challenges that prevent us from finding a quiet peaceful place within. The sometimes desperate feelings which arise when we feel not in control of such crises make these times when a psychic reading can be of special value. The psychic viewpoint can often provide the compassionate, psychic, spiritual perspective which contains exactly the information we need. It allows us to make that bridge from feeling like a victim of our challenges, to, instead, greater knowledge of self. We may be able to come to understand how the very problems that seemed insurmountable are part of our path towards that peaceful, still, knowing self within. This allows our over-active or worried mind to quiet down, and thus to find the peace we seek. From that point of peace and equanimity, we are able to actually accomplish more skillfully the goals that were previously a struggle for us.

In this world of increasing external noise, finding our own inner silence is no small feat. And yet, the “silence within” is the place where the deepest healing can happen. In fact, it is most essential in these accelerating times of great planetary need. It is only from within the wellsprings of this deeply peaceful silence, that the truest, most lasting healing can occur for our families, our loved ones, our planet, and ourselves.

Originally published as The Wider View © 2001-2002. All rights reserved. Please contact Elizabeth for permission to use any material contained herein.

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