Why Spring Is Ideal! Empowerment On Your Own~ Or Through Psychic Sessions

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I have discussed, in the last several columns, the role of a professional psychic in assisting personal growth in a variety of aspects. The feedback I’ve had is that this has been quite helpful for many who have not been familiar with what a psychic does, or is.

However the true job of a psychic is to provide tools and perceptions to empower you to evolve from the strength of your own resources. Although the value of an individual session includes specific insights applied to particular issues, there is much that can be offered in general awareness from a psychic perspective which, on your own, you can use to assist in your spiritual unfoldment.

Many on the spiritual path recognize the power of the possibilities inherent in this time of year. As spring begins, the Earth Herself brings forth the glory of the energies of new growth. This time of new beginnings has been known throughout the ages as a time when one’s spirit can really flourish as well-if we align with this energy of nature consciously.

Spring signals a time of renewal. Yet spring is also a time of releasing the old, hence the traditional idea of “spring cleaning.”

It is this balance of releasing the old to allow the new which assists with our spiritual growth process. While nature gives abundant evidence of having done much cleansing and letting go during the autumnal and winter months, we humans may be still holding on to outdated patterns, beliefs, ideas, habits, emotions, wounds, notions, and ways of doing things…not to mention material things! We need to make sure to release the old in order to give the new a chance to take root. Thus we may be inspired as spring begins to “get in shape” for these new opportunities by gently eliminating- or more robustly purging-that which does not suit our bodies, minds, or environments.

There are many levels to choose from in the cleansing process. I have, time and again, been told that my inner spiritual helpers were working closely with me whenever I cleaned out my file drawers or closets! Apparently the cleaning out of material goods is not an “extra” activity taking time away from our spiritual growth process, but rather an integral and dynamic aspect of it. By being uncluttered, we feel our own inherent spaciousness more readily. We can begin by throwing out items that are broken, worn, or outdated. As the weather gets better, we can make a pile of things which we feel are “too good to throw away” and prepare to have a garage sale with friends or neighbors, recycling our beloved belongings to better homes.

Attacking our “paper glut” can also feel wonderful. Although most papers can go in the recycling bin, a fire ritual is great for those that we know we should get rid of, but to which we have emotional attachments. Making a fire and burning these can lighten our load. As we do this, we can visualize or speak what we want to release in associated old emotional ties, fears, grief, habits, or ways of being.

Addressing bodily toxicities and sluggishness can help our minds and spirits to flow more easefully again. A trip to your local holistic practitioner can provide you with which guidelines on which way to proceed, as there are many types of cleanses available.

Cleansing out old thoughts is a great release. Many people use the technique of daily writing their complaints, fears, and negative thoughts-their “gunk”-first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, in a journal designated solely for this purpose. If you feel drawn to this, but haven’t yet tried it, as spring approaches this a great time to begin.

Emotional detoxification is a vital step in the process of becoming whole. Many people find breathwork helps them to get out of their heads and more in touch with their bodies, where emotions can be accessed more readily. There is a plethora of other approaches for emotional release, and spring is a great time to explore any of the options which appeal to you the most.

Many traditional, as well as more modern, meditation techniques are also helpful to release old stored tensions. Buddhist Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation are renowned for these affects, but there are a wide variety of other approaches as well. A number of meditation groups are free of charge, and will allow you to visit to see if you feel benefit from their particular technique.

Movement, exercise, and laughter are great releases and ways to move into the new energy you that wish to create.

These are just a few of the many possibilities to get you started on welcoming spring within your own being. Should you feel the need for further understanding of which approaches to undertake and how they can benefit your particular new beginning, the fine-tuning of a psychic reading can be of use. Your specific needs, and how to best facilitate your individual highest growth, are the forte of the psychic. But the goal is always to help you to get greater access to your own power, wisdom, and innate knowingness.

Next month we will look at some ways to plant new seeds once we have cleared the ground of the old weeds! If we are able to let go and release the old, we will increase opportunities for joyous living by seeing heretofore-unrecognized options in the light of our new-found clarity.

Originally published as The Wider View © 2001-2002. All rights reserved. Please contact Elizabeth for permission to use any material contained herein.

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