The Value of Psychic Sessions

photo by Elizabeth Good

photo by Elizabeth Good

In our increasingly fast-paced and busy world, it can be difficult for our rational, “consensus reality”-trained minds to comprehend that the deepest, most nourishing, and most helpful reality, might, indeed, be one which is not dependent upon our five senses nor our logic.

I am offering this introductory “question-and-answer” column to explain my viewpoint on how and why it can be helpful to bring a psychic perspective into baffling life issues.

What is the purpose of a psychic reading?

No doubt every psychic would answer this a little bit differently. But upon this we all might agree: a psychic is able to access information which is not bound by, or coming from, any of the ordinary 5 senses, nor from the intellect. A client, thus assisted by this psychically perceived information, can clarify issues which she or he has been unable to shed light upon in the usual ways. This allows for a type of illumination and healing that is unavailable by more traditional means. This can be applied to a variety of issues, including relationships, personal growth, career and business, finances, parenting, family members, companion animals, health, spiritual evolvement, and even global issues.

How is it done? Does a psychic read my mind? Or pick up subtle cues from the way I present myself?

Although good practitioners in every profession often “tune into” their clients by noticing subtle (and not so subtle) cues, the psychic or intuitive practitioner is working from a different ground of being, that of the more refined and less obvious spiritual realities about the client. This will be accessed in a different way by each practitioner. Commonly the practitioner is psychically “looking” at the energy fields around the person, receiving impressions about their present, past or probable future options, or hearing information from Spirit Guides to help that person. This type of information is not available from more apparent “cues,” nor from simply tuning into what that person may be thinking.

How is it that a psychic can work with me if I am at a distance, such as over the phone?

Psychic reality transcends the usual bounds of time and space. This is why, in terms of time, most psychics can look into childhood or past-lives, for example. Equally, in terms of space, it is no different if you are half-way around the world from where the psychic is; many practitioners can tune in to your deeper reality as if you were with them in person. In my own case, for example, many of my regular, long-term clientele I have never met in person.

I’ve heard some people say that “psychic” is a word for a more predictive or fortune-telling approach, but “intuitive” is the proper term for someone who goes more deeply into the dynamics of the situation, with the intention of helping a person to evolve. Is this accurate? What is the difference between the terms?

This newer terminology of “intuitive” as a noun (not just as an adjective) is a way that some “personal-growth-oriented” psychics have begun differentiating their work from the associations with fortune-telling psychics. In actuality, however, the terms are often interchangeable. In my own case, whatever you may chose to call my skills, my life-long passion and grounding has always been in finding the personal evolution and healing in all situations which clients bring to me. I have called myself a psychic for all 17 years of working with clients in this way.

What if you see things about me that I don’t want you to know? Or if I bring really personal issues to you that I don’t want anyone else to know about?

An ethical practitioner will never look at areas which the client does not want to share. The purpose of a session is not to be invasive or violating for the client, but rather to facilitate greater wholeness.

Additionally, this often deeply personal and intimate time together is, to the ethical practitioner, bound by the same codes of confidentiality that therapists and other honorable practitioners live by. The client is free, of course, to share whatever s/he wants to with friends, but the practitioner will never share who her clients are, nor the content of their sessions without the clients express permission to do so.

What is the point of being spiritually-oriented during these times of increasing global crisis? Isn’t it a cop-out to focus on my own personal growth, my own problems, or even my greater inner contentment or bliss during such challenging times in our environment?

The answer to this one could fill volumes, I’m sure, and each psychic would answer differently. I can only speak from my own humbly offered sense of what I perceive in nearly two decades of working with individuals to assist in their evolution towards wholeness.

First of all, it is definitely my experience that during this time of increasing global crisis, personal issues (including fears and problems) are getting “heated up” for many people, as we are not separate from the greater ecosystem and environment. Just as our environment affects us, I firmly believe that our own unresolved fears, blocks, resentments, and judgments strongly affect our world. It is not possible, in my view, to be totally effective in helping “out there” so long as we are not working from the inside out as well. It’s not an either/or, nor a “waiting until.” We do NOT need to wait to be “perfect” before we share our skills, hearts and passions towards healing our world’s ills. But the practice of evolving our own wholeness will work hand-in-glove with allowing deeper and more lasting change in our world. We begin to see that we are not separate from that which we hope to affect or change “out there.”

Secondly, I believe that this increasing global crisis IS calling for exactly this, a need to deeply feel and heal our own past pains, so we can be fully available to feel the pain of the world, as well as its glory and beauty. Free of our own past judgments, fears, sadness and projections onto it, we can be most effective in transforming our world.

Lastly, and hardly least, I believe it is in seeing more clearly what comes up for each one of us personally that we can access our truest, deepest roles in this changing time, allowing us to assist in the birth a new, more healed world.

Originally published as The Wider View © 2001-2002. All rights reserved. Please contact Elizabeth for permission to use any material contained herein.

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