Why Love Matters, in the Face of Everything

Women’s March 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Good

You might be wondering…why a psychic is writing about social change. You might not even agree with my view of politics. But my commitment for myself, my clients, my loved ones and my world is to healing. And healing does not take place in a vacuum!

The issues needing addressing for a society where healing is more of a given, are being brought into spotlight with the power, passion, joy and humor of the Women’s Marches. Thus, I attended this year’s Women’s March in my county of Santa Cruz, California. Many estimates put it at 30,000 participants, over twice the size of last year and the largest march in this county, ever. I had such fun catching views of the many local faces of this march, so I was tickled when this photo of mine was featured in the county weekly as winner of “Photo of the Week” contest, the Santa Cruz Police Department used another one of mine on their Facebook page (without attribution nor permission, interestingly), and an astrology column out of New York used many of my photos, such as this and this.

Women’s March 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Good

So, yes I was there. And I was there for so many reasons, just as many others were. Even those who never thought they would be. As our local newspaper reported, “Former registered Republican Diana Alfonso of Danville was marching as an independent opposed to the Trump Administration’s sweeping policies. ‘This is not the Republican Party that I knew,’ Alfonso said…Patti Anderson of Santa Cruz also used to be a Republican voter. ‘I was raised conservative,’ Anderson said. As she held a ‘Not my president’ sign, Anderson said she opposes Trump’s policies that are ‘dismantling environmental protections.’ ”

I suspect with 30,000 marchers (and that was just in my county) that there were at least 30,000 reasons why people marched (I myself had a few zillion). Ultimately, however…I think the message was about love over hate. Love trumping hate, as so many signs said. And definitely, definitely needing this uplifting, powerful, collective love-and-fire-fest to gird us with energy to keep creating the world we want.

Women’s March 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Good

Thousands more-eloquent-than-I-writers have had much to say about the need, power, and promise of the Divine Feminine rising, and the Women’s Marches this year and last. So, I will just direct you to my uplifting, enchanting gallery of photos of the fabulous, inspiring day, which say more than a thousand most eloquent words can!

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  2. David Harris says:

    Awesome work, Elizabeth!

    Yes: love matters, & compassion can (“should”) be found in all political parties!

    • Thank you David, for the compliment. It was great work by all those I captured, too, with such signs and sprit. I love what you said about political parties! Wouldn’t it be great if political work really was always a “party,” a celebration of hearing one another’s differing viewpoints?

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