The Easiest Cleanse You Will Ever Do

So, we passed the Ides of March (thank you, Will Shakespeare), The Ides of April (in the U.S.A., thank you tax day), and now we are at…the Ides of May. A rather nondescript day unless it’s your birthday (Happy Birthday!), or anniversary (ditto), or the remembrance of something-or-other meaningful to you (in which case, I salute you with congratulations, sympathy, or whatever is appropriate to this date for you).

To me, the Ides of May signals something in particular, however. You see…. I’m a “verbal healer,” that is, my work is designed to help clients to lead happier, less stressful, more healing lives, hopefully. So I write about all kinds of things (in case you haven’t noticed).

Today I am thinking about how we are about midway through spring. At least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (and bear with me, those of you down under. This is still information that you can use for a healthier autumn & winter!). Approximately 40 days past Spring Equinox (March 21), and 36 days or so until Summer Solstice on June 21st. And what is spring about? 

Many things…rejuvenation, gorgeous flowers (with pollen allergies for the unfortunate)…and cleansing. Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. Spring cleaning, cleaning out cupboards, the house, and of course…the body. Accumulated toxins that the vibrant greenery of spring vegetables and herbs can help us flush out as we get more active, have more daylight for play, and more willingness to eat more lightly. (Hopefully!).

Thus, for many aware of holistic healing approaches, March 21 marked a day to begin a cleansing routine, with juice fasting or similar ways to release the stagnancy of winter, and feel revived. However, for some of us who never got around to that (names will not be named here!), now that we are halfway to summer, and have not perhaps been motivated…what to do?

Whether you are in a country that now has spring, or one where autumn is preparing for winter, the truth is that eating more cleansing greens can never hurt.

Voila. Green smoothies. Yummy! So easy to take raw greens of your choice, liquid of your choice (well, something healthy, that is—vodka not an option here), and any fruit that you might add to make it delicious. There are zillions of recipes online, so I won’t waste space here with those. You can look up green smoothie recipes and will probably get a few million hits. Greens smoothies are fantastic healing tools.

However, I will also here add my favorite, huge tip to make this 100% easier! My magic solution when I am even too lazy, tired, overwhelmed or rushed to chop up raw veggies for the smoothie (or none are on hand).
I love, love, love these amazing organic powders from Eclectic Institute! These are raw, freeze-dried powders from an outstanding company that is one of the purest I know of. Eclectic is associated with a renowned naturopathic school, and these powders are well tolerated by some of the most sensitive individuals I know…so you know they have no molds, no pesticides, and are the real thing as far as health enhancement.

There are simple ones like organic celery powder (a profound healing food), and more complex yet delicious ones such as the yummy one for blood sugar, the Master Cleanse, and specifically targeted ones for many various health challenges. They are all designed with great care and have precisely chosen, healing ingredients. Unlike some of the…ahem…crap…out there posing as “health powders,” there are not a bunch of often-allergic or sometimes questionable ingredients such as whey, soy, grasses, fillers, sweeteners. JUST organic vegetables, food herbs, fruits. And the raw freeze-dried proprietary process they use makes these truly fabulous to add to your liquid to make a super-healing smoothie. Add a tablespoon or two of one type, a couple of different types, or even several different types to your liquid, and…instant health drink!

I am posting a link here to the Eclectic powders page so you can really look over what this great company has to offer. I have NO affiliation with them. However, I do have an affiliation with a GREAT company, iHerb that offers these powders for vastly reduced prices (often practically ½ the price), should you want to try one or more. They have about 40,000 other health and beauty products such as you would find in a health food store; many at wholesale or much reduced cost. I am totally honest in my blog posts, and I never share anything that I haven’t found amazing for myself and truly, humbly believe in. So with both iHerb and Eclectic powders, you can trust me unequivocally as far as my reason for promoting this—to help you find greater health with more ease. (I only get a few pennies on each order…and I have been recommending this company for years before I had an affiliation).  

So look around the iHerb site, first at the Eclectic powders (here is the link once again), check the many other fine Eclectic products too if you like (here), and then at anything else you normally buy in a health food store (iHerb’s home page). You will save $5-$10 (depending on how much you wind up buying) on your first order if you use my number LIZ264 at check out—(which I would appreciate too)–should you like what you see. Order now or later, order now and later, and think about what else you would like to save money on while you are at the site. iHerb ships worldwide. Feel free to share the iHerb LIZ264 code money-saving health resource with all the friends and family you wish to!

Oh…by the way…the iHerb customer service is fabulous. And I have found the delivery to be super quick. I also have looked at a few of these types of “save on supplements” sites online, and I undoubtedly find iHerb the easiest to use, with ease of finding what I want.

So that’s my honest pitch. I’ve never written a “sales” blog post before, but I am doing this for your own good (like your mom always told you). I am all about sharing what works for me, and what might help you! Now go find a yummy smoothie recipe, order a few powders, get ready for a lighter, brighter season to come, and feel oh-so-virtuous in spite of the cleanse you never got around to doing 40 days ago.

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