Your New Year’s (R)evolutions (A Cheat Sheet!)

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. ~Author Unknown

I was talking to my pal David this week about how common still, even though everyone “knows better,” are those onerous New Year’s Resolutions. He remarked that he calls them “Resignations,” owing to the fact of the dreariness, demandingness, and overall killjoy affect that seeps in after the first few days or weeks of fire and steam dying down. How quickly those stern, self abnegating “I’m gonna do better this year” intentions lose their luster.

I told him I have long preferred the idea of New Year’s Revolutions (or perhaps evolutions) to Resolutions.

Thus, I hereby humbly offer my ideas for yours. Feel free to carry this in your wallet, post on your mirror/bulletin board/refrigerator, and/or cut/paste/ white out parts/add your own variations. And please share freely if you find it helpful!

*I promise to try not to make myself do better. I’m fine exactly as I am. At the same time, I hope and intend fervently to evolve who I really am, my sense of purpose, and those true passions which allow me to live, give and love more selflessly, freely and vitally.

*I promise to embarrass myself, do something I wish I hadn’t, have at least one regret, and/or have to apologize to someone. Since I’m a human, this is 100% part of my job description.

* I promise to do my best to not blame myself for my circumstances. Yes, I can take responsibility for what is really my fault, or where I have caused harm. But my inability to achieve, perfect health, body shape, income level, relationships, family life, ideal career, or make world peace is not necessarily in my control. I forgive myself for whatever shape my life (and my world) has taken at this point.

* I promise to try just a little bit less to make everything right (this one is for you overachiever/perfectionist/Light Worker types out there who feel over-responsible. If you are a slacker, ignore this one, ha!).

* I promise to break at least one, if not more, of all of these and any other promises. After all, I’m only human, and the whole point of my journey might possibly be self-forgiveness. Therefore, I need to fuck up (sometimes royally) so I can forgive myself.

* I give myself permission to know myself better, and love myself anyway.


Please share yours below, too. And may you have a happy and serene year ahead!

The Most Amazing, Coolest and Maybe Weirdest News Item (& holiday story) That You Never Heard

You have to trust me on this one.

Though I’m a psychic, I’m  grounded, not woo-woo and I don’t make things up. But you will not likely find this elsewhere verified on the internet nor know anyone else that heard this on the news.

So you will just have to suspend any skepticism, as it is simply not warranted here!

Some years ago (maybe 8? 9? 12?), I was listening to the radio, when came on one of those hourly news breaks from CBS–as mainstream of a news outlet as one can get.

It was right near Christmas time. In the middle of their 5 minutes about this-and-that in the news, I was flabbergasted to hear a report from one of the crew at the International Space Station in Antarctica, Nancy Berson. Mind you, this is a government worker in a highly scientific profession. She said, “We had a visit by Extra Celestials. They are beautiful Beings of Blue Light, so full of Love, that visit the planet this time of year, and bring us such upliftment.”  I may have fallen off my chair in amazement!

I wrote it all down, what I had heard, but did not figure out just what to “do” with it. Several years later I looked it up on the internet and found the reference to it. A few months later that reference had been taken down when I checked again! Hmm…

I know it may seem like New Age un-believable-ism.

But it’100% TRUE, and I would sure LOVE to find that story again, or others who heard it on the news. If you are a genuis at finding unfindable information, or know of anyone that heard this report as well,  and can verify this, do let me know.

Meanwhile … if you think the greatest media deceptions, omissions, and conspiracies are of an overtly political nature, think again. There are forces out there that are extremely threatened by the unseen forces of Love and Grace.

But YOU…you can let your True Being of Love and Grace shine no matter what!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! May all of our Lights and our Love shine bright in 2016.

Is It Too Late To Take Care of Yourself? (AND some news at the end you will not want to miss!)

I hope this isn’t reaching you after this season of holiday preparations already has you in a place of overspent (financially, emotionally), unwell (due to stress, too much commotion, or the seasonal weather and exposures), or otherwise regretting this whole time of year. In my own case, well, yes, there is definitely regret that I didn’t get this to you in time to perhaps help prevent ALL of that, but some family urgencies delayed my elaborate intentions. But fear not, wherever you be in the continuum right now, from loving-it-all, to okay-but-on-the-edge, to can’t-wait-until-it’s-all-over, I hope the following tips for gifting yourself and others in the most nurturing ways ever will help!

-Take that meditation break. And I don’t mean it needs to be a particular form that others deem “meditation.” Here are some 5 minute miracles:

This could be just intentional, deep breathing for a mere 5 minutes…you can’t even imagine how that will improve everything else. Or take the same 5 minutes for a walk in the sun…if weather permits. Sunlight is so healing!

Santa Cruz Coastline, California

Sunlight on California Coast photo by Elizabeth Good

Or 5 minutes of just listening to music is also perfect. Draw for 5 minutes! Engage that right brain part of your healing brain. Or laugh and giggle at something, anything, if you can. (And, did I mention…breathe!). Here is a fantastic link if you need support for breathing or body-based quick breaks: Free Short Meditations from UCLA. And by the way, a soothing fragrant candle like this one never hurts.

-Don’t forget the helpful supplements, teas, and foods.

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I constantly harp on my favorite supplement site, iHerb. They have fast delivery, a very intuitive, easy-to-use website, great customer service, and even carry healthy foods and great body care products too. With their overnight shipping, you can still get great gifts there (or for you!); just a few of many examples are these travel items, fabulous men’s skincare products, a relaxing chamomile neck pillow, a hot chocolate sugar rub for the body, or this culture starter for your fermented-food-making pals!). And YES, I do get a very, very small referral fee if you use my code LIZ264 on your first order at checkout (which gives you $5-$10 off, depending what you spend). But also, they really do have the best price on my FAVORITE go-to-supplements for keeping well during exposure times of year. This is my absolute #1: Gaia Quick Defense. I can’t tell you how much I loooooooove that one. Some other popular ones are here; see which appeal to you and keep a few on hand. (Oh, and here’s a whole slew of ways to organize your pills for travel…or busy schedules in general: pill organizers).

– The nurturing, the laughing, the fun and games, oh my.

Well we know holidays CAN be great, and/or can bring up so much stuff (grief, anger, loneliness, regret, and more) that we prefer not to have at the table. I say, nurture thyself first and foremost by befriending the feeling states.

Definitely give air to that which is painful (cry, scream, talk to someone, hit a pillow. Then cuddle yourself: drink some really yummy warming tea (make sure it’s organic to avoid those chemical flavorings), escape into a good book or an escapist and/or happy film, let yourself BE when you can…demands aside (have you noticed how many who say they don’t have time for themselves nor for relaxing, wind up sick and then have to do exactly that?).

If you ARE lucky enough to have a really happy time with friends or family on the horizon, do whatever is the most fun fun fun for all…including making sure your own preferences are clear. I have a fantasty that someday, someone(s) will take me up on my suggestions to read this recipe and then these hilarious reviews at a holiday (or other large gathering) as quite a few of those 1087 reviews are priceless. (Besides which, it not incidentally also gives me GREAT hope for humanity, even my fellow Americans who lately I wonder about, to see the cleverness in that venue).

You, of course, may have some other ideas for fun and games.  

So that is a quick summation for now. before it’s REALLY too late to give you seasonal tips. Oh, and about the news you don’t want to miss. My next blog post, right around Christmas, is going to have the most amazing (and spiritual) news item that I promise you have never, ever heard about!! Make sure to sign up on my mailing list below if you aren’t on it already; you will not want to miss it!



The Week of Rainbows, Love, Exuberance and Auspicousness

Did you notice? There was a lot “going on” this past week. While I suppose this might always be true on a cosmic level (“Fish got to swim, birds got to fly”), some of the outward manifestations of the heavenly energies were unmistakable!

Venus Jupiter Conjunction; NASA photo

Venus Jupiter Conjunction; NASA photo

I’ll reiterate as I have in a column or two prior: I’m not an astrologer; I am a psychic. Nonetheless, there was a potent configuration astrologically, even astronomically, that got just about everyone’s attention (if it’s even trending worldwide on Twitter, you know it’s a thing, right?). And meanwhile, much was going on in the reflective “consciousness mirror” of Earth’s inhabitants to underscore this.

The planet Jupiter (associated with expansion, luck, well-being) came so close to the planet Venus (related to LOVE, the Goddess, the Feminine principle, pleasure) that they looked like one huge BRIGHT star over the world’s skies. This rare potent configuration many even referred to as “The Star of Bethlehem.”



Yes, there was much potency, and some of it, as always, was not pretty. I won’t discount the bevy of front and back page news that is uncomfortable at best and tragic at worst.

But these energies brought a soft, expansive, incredible wave of energy which, in my own Being I felt as a long-lasting sense of jubilance, waking up on the day of the conjunction without, at that point, having any awareness of what the stars were doing.

And so, this past week…there was so much to celebrate, so much that aptly fit this huge, unusual, strange energetic configuration!

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll


Most obvious, for those of us in the USA and I suspect noted around the globe, civil rights scored a huge and unexpected victory for LOVE with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of making same sex marriage the law of the land. This happened a few days in advance of the planetary conjunction. But the effervescence throughout most of the country, evidenced also throughout social media, was profound, huge, and transformative. It was nearly impossible not to be effected and transported by the uplift. Make SURE to read below the wonderful reflections on it by my cousin, and do not miss the viral video of one of my closest pals and his husband, also below.

Not three days after this event—at the San Jose Grateful Dead 50th Reunion show, two rainbows came over the crowd in a double arc! There was, I hear from many I know who attended, soooooo much love and magic at these shows! Quite synchronistic, I say, too…rainbows harkening back to 3 days prior, also a symbol for Gay Pride.

Double Rainbow over San Jose & Grateful Dead Show, CBS News

Double Rainbow over San Jose & Grateful Dead Show, CBS News

Some in the USA might even add in the Women’s World Cup SemiFinal win (more Venus–Female principle, & Jupiter– good fortune!) to the mix, for extra joy and import.

There is some indication from upcoming astrological signs and many channelings I’ve seen, that the coming couple of months hold more traditionally challenging energies, those which may tax patience, equanimity, and a sense of progress. So anchor in the “wins” and good feelings of this potent Arc of Love we all just underwent, to help you through.

Congratulations if you’ve read this far. You’re in luck, as the best is next. I want to share this wonderfully penned reflection from my cousin Michael Kroll on the San Francisco Gay Pride parade (an annual large event which, also AMAZINGLY fortuitously, was already planned for just 2 days after the Supreme Court ruling!). Also, watch this new (relevant) video, which has over 1 Million hits on YouTube as of this writing…and has one of my oldest, dearest friends with his husband making four appearances. They are the “two white guys.” Enjoy!

It Is So Ordered

By Michael A. Kroll

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

I have just come from San Francisco’s 2015 Pride Parade. I always enjoy the Parade, but with a full day to absorb the implications of being declared a full citizen in terms of marriage equality, there was something different this year, something in the air, something in me. “Happy Pride,” strangers wished each other, with a newfound pride in their voices. I found myself cheering at least once for every contingent, even odious corporate ones like Walmart and Bank of America, and cheering raucously for legal services, housing services, for all the “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, and for health-care services, like Planned Parenthood. I wanted to acknowledge their acknowledgment of me – of us – whatever I might feel about their corporate ethics or political affiliations.

         There were disquieting elements about the Parade, as there always are. The corporate presence was best represented by Apple whose nearly endless river of young workers flowed by, row after row. On and on they came, like a colony of white ants. Occasionally, a darker ant passed by, all the more visible by its scarcity. In only one case did I withhold my applause and cheers altogether, one which in previous Parades might well have earned my very vocal boos. But now, I kept my silence as the gay open-carry gun lobby, Pink Pistols, went by (its advocacy expressed with a picture of a whistle and a gun, asking which you’d rather have in the face of crime). But even my political biases could not diminish my sense of witnessing something seminal in the history of human rights, my sense of belonging to this moment, and the newfound empowerment I felt. It was a day when everyone I encountered was beautiful.

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

         I felt beautiful. Maybe because of this, early on, a beautiful dark-haired, dark-eyed boy (I say “boy” – he was between 20 and 30 years old) got out of line and ran up to me with uplifted hand to exchange high fives, which we did, and then leaned over and planted a delicious wet kiss on my 72-year-old cheek! That would have been enough to boost anyone’s ego, even if he had come from a corporate contingent and not the Human Rights Campaign, but my ego needed no lifting. Later, preparing to leave, I put on my wide-brim hat garlanded with its bough of purple bougainvilleas I had cut that morning, when someone in costume on the San Francisco Opera float pointed at me and donned his own opera headgear, complete with horns. I bowed to him, with a dramatic sweep of the hat he had acknowledged. How free I felt, unfettered by legal discrimination, free to flirt with strangers in a parade, free to marry my partner of more than 30 years anywhere in the country and have it legally respected from Alabama to Wyoming, the A to Z of American states. 

“Under the Constitution, same-sex couples seek in marriage the same legal treatment as opposite-sex couples, and it would disparage their choices and diminish their personhood to deny them this right,” Justice Kennedy wrote for the Court, leading him to conclude “…the right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person, and under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment couples of the same sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty.”


San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

San Francisco 2015 Gay Pride Parade. Photo by Michael A. Kroll

         I profoundly disagree with the Chief Justice who, in his dissent, lamented that this decision, though it might be cause for celebration for many reasons, respect for the Constitution is not one of them. “(The Constitution) has nothing to do with it,” he wrote. The great genius of our Constitution is that we are all free to read it, and to decide for ourselves what it means – until the high Court rules, and its opinion becomes the law of the land, binding both those who agree and those, like the Chief Justice, who disagree.

         The final, lofty words of Justice Kennedy’s historic opinion soared above the celebration. Referring to the plaintiffs in this case, he wrote: “It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

         And then came the most empowering words of the entire opinion:


And here is the brief, adorable, “gone viral” video about some perks of being married….featuring 4 appearances by one of my very dearest, oldest pals and his wonderful husband!:

My Prize-Winning Poem

I received a second place prize (and even money, when does that ever happen for a totally amateur poet!) in an international poetry competition. I entered a poem which I wrote decades ago in college.

The poem “came through” me, like most of my earlier poems, in just a few minutes time.

Whether I was channeling a past life or the collective unconscious, it certainly points to an experience I have never been anywhere near in this incarnation. (Fair warning: it is rather intense).

After They Named My Granddaughter

I stood

and thought

about this nascent spark                              baby mystical

arriving, open and ready


Alexandria Jai


Such a solid first name

invoking wisdom of ages

the famous ancient library

in the middle of the world


Middle name like a bird

flying though the forest


no one in its flight

Egret, Capitola California

alighting, just to look


A name stable yet fluid

ancient and of the moment

a name fitting

a name just right

for my granddaughter


so apt

for that precious little


who came through the

thighs of the one

who emerged from my



Alexandria Jai                                                           baby sky

You did not get to fly

or even be a scholar, dreamer, dancer

born and dead at the same instant

the flame cold

little hands frozen



Did I not love deep enough

Did I not burn bright enough

to make the flame last                                    Colorized Rendering; Beach

one more round?




©Elizabeth Good